BYU Vegetarians
"BYU Vegetarians"
is a club comprised of a gathering group of students, supportive faculty and associated friends at or of Brigham Young University who are trying to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as best they can while additionally learning and embracing a more peaceful lifestyle choice and who also desire the added health benefits of living on a healthy plant based diet.

These are students and friends who are also learning and becoming more conscious of the resources saved, life forms preserved and environment made sustainable, as they with much of perceptive humanity now wisely move away from traditional and industrialized deleterious animal flesh, fluids and oval centered lifestyles and return to the Garden of Eden nourishment program in which man and woman were originally created; and to which they always were, from the very beginning - and still are - physiologically perfectly adapted.

More is coming to be published on this site (educational information and schedule of club meeting, potlucks, special programs, guest speakers and forum opportunities!); so please bookmark and return often.

In the meantime please direct any question or communication to "BYU Vegetarians" club advisor Dr. Christopher Foster via this email link:

Also see Dr. Fosters concise treatise: "Vegetarianism - an LDS point of view"
Dr Foster also is advisor to the millennial ecology and kindness focused  Mormons for Animals

Potlucks and Support Activities are held (regularly whenever possible with University Students) 
Please check times, places and notices posted by current president Casey DuBose on Google Groups:
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